My NEW Teen boxing classes are offered for teen girls ages 13 – 19 with a focus on learning proper boxing technique and footwork while building self-confidence and managing stress while learning self-defense.

We begin each boxing class with an energetic warm-up and move on to fun, fast paced punching and kicking combinations on heavy bags and the punching dummy for a challenging total body workout that will be sure to burn off some steam and take out stress whilie getting in shape.

My fun, everchanging boxing routines will help you build self-confidence and self-defense skills while learning the value of teamwork in a safe, positive and motivational women only environment.

Teens starting at age 13, may participate in this exclusive boxing class!


Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience with my award winning boxing program:

  • You WILL Increase your muscle tone and get in the best shape ever
  • You Will increase your self-confidence
  • You Will increase upper body strength
  • You Will get in shape FAST and burn tons of calories
  • You Will learn real self-defense techniques
  • You Will have an outlet to relieve stress
  • You Will finally drop stubborn body fat and feel confident wearing your favorite clothes

Call 719-229-2639 today to schedule your Trial session while openings are still available!